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Real-Time Global Tracking Solutions

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Airport Asset Tracking

Airfield sweeper-vacuum machine and snow blower universal cleaning truck on the winter runway

Benefits of Airport Asset Management

Saving Expenses

Increased Productivity

Increased Asset Life

Customer Experience

Track Assets & Inventory

Cloud-Based Detailed Reports

Effective Audits

Comprehensive Operations & Maintenance Vehicle Tracking

Fleet Visibility: Monitor and manage the entire fleet of operational vehicles for location tracking.

Route Optimization: Optimize vehicle routes to reduce fuel consumption and enhance overall efficiency.

Geo-Fencing Alerts: Set virtual boundaries for instant notifications on asset movement, ensuring precision and peace of mind.

Ground Handling Equipment Precision

Equipment Visibility: Track and manage ground handling equipment to prevent delays.

Resource Allocation: Optimize equipment usage to minimize idle time and improve operational efficiency.

Emergency Vehicles On the Go

Swift Response: Real-time tracking of emergency vehicles ensures prompt response in critical situations.

Enhanced Safety: Monitor vehicle speed, location, and health status for increased safety measures.

Priority Routing: Optimize routes for emergency vehicles to reach destinations faster.

Streamlining Parking Asset Management

Efficient Parking Solutions: Continuous monitoring of parking assets guarantees optimal response times.

Optimize Shuttle Operations: Asset tracking facilitates identification of shuttle idle time.

Runway Inspection

Accurate and Real-time asset location with time stamp

Able to GPS locate equipment every 15 secs or less

Reducing the risk of accidents and collisions on active terminals while inspecting

Equipment utilization based on real-time demand, reducing equipment idle time

Case Study: Asset Locating

Saving time for personnel on locating equipment

Accurate and Real-time asset location with time stamp

Equipment utilization based on real-time demand, reducing equipment idle time

Real-time oversight of ground handling equipment

Aid in faster recovery of asset for regular maintenance

Vehicle Mountable Sensor

Location Tracking

GPS Tracking


Cellular & CBRS private network capable

Easy Charging

Rechargeable NiMH batteries with standard USB plugin - aircraft safe. Solar charging option available


-40c to +85c or (±1.0c)


± 3% RH from 0 to 100%

Barometric Pressure

300 to 1100 hPa (mbar)

Shock & Vibration

Up to 8g, ± 3%

Light Sensing


AssetChase™ Sensors

AssetChase™ advanced tracking system provides real-time tracking, location monitoring, and automated alerts for enhanced asset management and security.

Experience Our ColdChase & AssetChase Solutions